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SNL Season 18 -20

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20Full Episode36:5505/13/1995
19Full Episode45:5505/06/1995
18Full Episode48:2504/15/1995
17Full Episode47:5004/08/1995
16Full Episode37:4003/25/1995
15Full Episode50:2403/18/1995
14Full Episode51:3202/25/1995
13Full Episode45:0002/18/1995
12Full Episode44:4702/11/1995
11Full Episode48:0801/21/1995
10Full Episode45:0401/14/1995
9Full Episode31:5212/17/1994
8Full Episode42:5612/10/1994
7Full Episode42:0212/03/1994
6Full Episode36:3211/19/1994
5Full Episode36:3811/12/1994
4Full Episode33:5110/22/1994
3Full Episode34:0910/15/1994
2Full Episode46:2210/01/1994
1Full Episode51:3109/24/1994
Season 19Subscribe to Hulu Plus to enjoy the entire seasonIcon-vex-addAll
20Full Episode50:0005/14/1994
19Full Episode41:1005/07/1994
18Full Episode41:1804/16/1994
17Full Episode39:0504/09/1994
16Full Episode54:2403/19/1994
15Full Episode35:2703/12/1994
14Full Episode48:3902/19/1994
13Full Episode50:1702/12/1994
12Full Episode34:1402/05/1994
11Full Episode50:3201/15/1994
10Full Episode29:1401/08/1994
9Full Episode33:0012/11/1993
8Full Episode45:1912/04/1993
7Full Episode52:3711/20/1993
6Full Episode39:5411/13/1993
5Full Episode46:1010/30/1993
4Full Episode32:5910/23/1993
3Full Episode37:2210/09/1993
2Full Episode38:1910/02/1993
1Full Episode46:5809/25/1993
Season 18Subscribe to Hulu Plus to enjoy the entire seasonIcon-vex-addAll
20Full Episode37:1405/15/1993
19Full Episode38:1905/08/1993
18Full Episode33:2504/17/1993
17Full Episode37:4804/10/1993
16Full Episode34:3403/20/1993
15Full Episode41:1003/13/1993
14Full Episode38:4002/20/1993
13Full Episode47:5402/13/1993
12Full Episode37:1302/06/1993
11Full Episode35:4401/16/1993
10Full Episode49:0901/09/1993
9Full Episode45:3512/12/1992
8Full Episode41:2612/05/1992
7Full Episode39:4611/21/1992
6Full Episode52:1711/14/1992
5Full Episode45:2910/31/1992
4Full Episode44:1210/24/1992
3Full Episode44:2410/10/1992
2Full Episode48:4610/03/1992
1Full Episode45:5509/26/1992